2017 November Pastor John's Jots

On October 14th your Church Council meet with Jim Renke (our Area Minister) to continue working on our Vision, Values and Goals. We reviewed where we have been and were challenged to begin to look outside our 4 walls. One of our goals was to work on our “garage.” The garage is another place of training where we equip ourselves to be sent out to the highways and byways (outside our 4 walls). We created a purpose statement saying, “To train and support one another to live on mission, having confidence to tell his story.” TO LIVE ON MISSION!!! There are many of you that are doing just that in your families, neighborhoods and workplaces.

 Every Sunday In the month of November I will ask someone from our church who is “living on mission” to share what they are doing and how God is using them. I imagine there are many of you who behind the scenes are bringing the Gospel message to the world where you live. We want to hear about it. If you’d like to share how you are living on mission please see Pastor John or Murray. Your Church Council will continue to create, model and support living on mission and will keep the church informed concerning new initiatives and direction. This is truly an exciting time for Minnetrista Baptist Church. Thanks for your support, prayers and hard work. 

See you in Church,

Pastor John

2017 November Youth News

Dear MBC Church Family,

It has been my honor to be serving as the Youth Intern at Minnetrista Baptist for three months now! Time has flown by! Just as this time has passed so quickly, I have been thinking quite a bit about my time here on earth, but more importantly, the indescribable length of eternity to come. Just how much time is it that we spend here in our earthly lives? In light of eternity, consider it nothing! So use that time wisely!

In my position, I am most concerned about the youth group learning about God’s Word and gaining a perspective on eternity. It is crucial for them to have an understanding of the Word…and then apply it to their lives to prepare for eternity! On our Wednesday night Bible study, we are doing a split between Old and New Testament lessons. For our Sunday morning Bible study, some of our teens have been enjoying the time of digging into the Gospel of Mark. Overall, they’ve been learning a lot through this curriculum, and I see it as a benefit to those who are interested and engaged.

While I am in a learning process with this kind of ministry at the church, let me remind you not to discount my ministry towards the youth and everyone else in our church (1 Timothy 4:12). I want to be a blessing to all!! Let us all be a blessing to one another through our words and actions on account of our Lord, Jesus Christ; remembering to keep our eyes fixed on Christ alone.

For Christ’s Glory,

Derek Patz

2017 November Events and News

Financial Update

YTD Budget - $80,914.50 YTD Income - $83,373 YTD Expenses - $77,529 Thank you for your faithful support of the ministry of the church!!

New Members Class

Our next New Members Class is December 2nd from 9-11:30 a.m. Adam, Angie and Brad attended our last class.

Important Church News

  • 61 Days of Prayer – Beginning November 1st and going through December 31 (61 days) we will sign up for a 30 minute prayer slot. You are encouraged to pray as the Lord leads you, but we encourage you to specifically pray for the church. Each Sunday you will be given an insert with prayer needs listed. Sign-ups begin October 29th. Because of our busy schedules in Nov/Dec this will be in place of our monthly prayer time.
  • Living on Mission – Every week people move into our neighborhoods. We have been trying to discern the best way to reach out to these people and share with them the ministry of Minnetrista Baptist Church. Beginning in November there will be a basket in the back of the church with small baggies of chocolate hugs. You are encouraged to take one to your new neighbors or maybe a neighbor you have not met yet. There will be some bags with names and addresses. For those with the gift of conversation, we encourage you to take these and deliver them to our new neighbors who have moved into our area recently. Introduce yourself as a member of the Minnetrista Baptist Church and give them the bag of hugs and say welcome!  It’s a way for us to live on mission!!


On October 21st the youth group did a great job raking leaves at Phyllis Bruhn’s home. After that they did some leaf raking at Pastor John’s home and then did some cleaning in the church basement. Then we ate PIZZA!! Thanks youth group!

All-Church Thanksgiving Service

Save Wednesday November 22nd to celebrate Thanksgiving with your church family at 7 p.m. Singing, sharing and a devotional will prepare us to give thanks!

Current Numbers

65 active members 10 inactive members 70 active attenders…and there is still room for more!!  People come to church when their friends invite them. Pray for your unchurched/unsaved friends by name daily and invite them to join you. These couple of months are perfect for inviting friends to church!!

Church Website

www.minnetristachurch.org. Get all your MBC news, dates, sermons etc…

Check out the Minutes

Interested in the business of the church? The monthly minutes are posted for the Deacons and Church Council on the bulletin board.

St Boni Lunch Bunch

The community will meet on November 8that 12 noon at the St Boni Community Center for a potluck.  Come and meet some of your neighbors and be a light to our community.

Food for thought…6 words to describe churches…Sick…Stuck…Stable…Strong…Significant…
Which one describes Minnetrista Baptist?  Why?


The people of Minnetrista Baptist Church are Christ-followers who love, serve, and share so our neighbors can come to know Him!