2019 October Pastor John's Jots

In last Sunday’s message (September 22) I mentioned that there were two types of sermons. One is topical preaching. The idea is that it is on a topic; family, anger, prophecy, miracles etc… The other type is expository preaching. The idea is a form of preaching that details the meaning of a particular text or passage of Scripture; Nehemiah, 1 Timothy, 1 John, Romans 8, Jonah etc… Both types of preaching are helpful. I stay mostly in the expository camp mainly because that is what I was taught and you can’t go wrong studying the Bible! Many of you have asked that I preach a particular book or subject that interests you. I appreciate your input. Many of these have made it to our Wednesday night study (i.e. The Apostles Creed…because someone asked if we could study the important doctrines of what we believe as Christians). However, when it comes to preaching, I have a strong call and desire to hear from the Lord on where I lead the congregation in our Sunday messages (i.e. 1 Timothy – leadership, Nehemiah – building the church, 1 John and “The One Another’s” – love). If I asked 125 of you where we should go next in our Sunday messages, I would probably receive 125 ideas. I also imagine not one of you would say Habakkuk!! About 6 months ago I heard (not audibly) the Lord say that He wanted our church to look at Habakkuk! So, starting October 13th we will look at the Book of Habakkuk (Harry will be preaching October 6th as I will be at a Pastor and wives retreat). Take some time and read through the book. There are only 3 chapters. Do some homework and see what the Lord teaches you. There must be some reason God wants us to look at the book!! I’m looking forward to learning what that reason is and preaching through a book less traveled!

See you in church,

Pastor John