Our Church

Originally started as a German Baptist Church in 1858, our church has been praising the Lord in the city of St Bonifacius for around 160 years.  Many faces and traditions have changed in that time, but what remains is this: worship for our God, fellowship with other believers, and service to our community.  

We are currently associated with the North American Baptist Conference

Our Mission

The people of Minnetrista Baptist Church are Christ-followers who love, serve, and share so our neighbors will come to know Him.

Our Values

Preaching and Teaching Scripture

Communicating God's Word to people

Biblical Obedience

Obediently following the truths of Scripture


Caring about and addressing the needs of others


Communicating with God


Telling others the Good News about Christ

Our History

Letters from Presidents


The Story of Minnetrista Baptist Church

A Short History of Minnetrista Baptist Church Minnetrista Baptist Church was founded in November 1858 by Rev. John Wendt, Marie Wendt, Carl Bruhn, Friedericke Bruhn, Ludwig Zarendt, Marie Zarendt, Sophia Ganz and Marie Strobach. The eight had been meeting in homes since September 1857, the year after their German families moved to the area from Dayton, Ohio.

The Scandia Baptist Church (now Oakwood Community) had already been formed at Scandia (east of Waconia) and the Swedish congregation encouraged the Germans to form their own church in Minnetrista where they could worship in their own German language. Rev. Wendt led the German Baptist Church for its first 18 years.

During that time, the church built its first building. The wooden structure, across the street east of the present church was built in 1868. Rev. F. Berndt ministered to the church from 1876-1878 and following an interim with no pastor, Rev. Wendt returned to the German Baptist Church. During this second term, plans were laid for a new church building.

The project was completed during the tenure of Rev. C.C. Langlatz which followed. The new building was the first at the present site. Under Rev. Langlatz’ leadership the church body also grew and the church opened preaching stations in Mound, Chaska, Watertown, and Hutchinson. The first three lasted only a short time, but the Hutchinson station became a permanent mission and is known today as Hunter’s Ridge Community Church. 

Rev. H. Bens was the next pastor to serve the church. Then in 1901 Rev. F.H. Heinemann arrived in Minnetrista where he stayed for 37 years. It was during his tenure that the present church building was begun in 1912.

Pastors since Rev. Heinemann have included Rev. August Lutz, Rev. Ralph Lutter, Rev. D.S. Wipf, Rev. Thomas Harfst, Rev. Fred Klien, Rev. Delvin Bertsch, Rev. Ken Unruh, Rev. Al Tuley and presently Rev. John McNabb. 

God has richly blessed this church for over one and a half centuries and with God’s continual guidance we hope and pray that God will use this current membership to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to build the Kingdom of God.