11.12.2017 Money - A Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift is defined as a major change in a certain thought pattern. The Bible is full of paradigm shifts...

  • Gain your life by losing it (Mt 16:25)
  • The first shall be the last (Mt 20:16)
  • Give and it will be given back to you (Lk 6:38)
  • Prosperous living is in direct correlation to delighting in God's Word (Psalm 1:2-3)
  • What you sow is what you reap (2 Cor 9:6)

Today I want to propose a paradigm shift in the way we view money. We'll do this in part with a money quiz.


11.05.2017 The Lord's Supper

Someone once said, "The main thing is to see that the main thing remains the main thing." When you hear that, of course, the question you want to ask is, "What is the main thing?" The answer for the Christian is JESUS! His birth, life, death and resurrection are the main thing. The Apostle Paul discusses at some length the ordinance of the Lord's Supper (the celebration of the main thing) because the church in Corinth was abusing this important memorial. Of course the question we must ask ourselves is, "Are we doing the same thing to the main thing?"

10.29.2017 Facing Death Confidently

Paul gladly suffered in this world for a far greater reward in the world to come. He shows us how to face death confidently, triumphantly and joyfully. He had, unlike our society today, no obsession to escape death, rather he sought it. At the end of his life, he said, "I have finished the fight, kept the faith and now I'm ready to go." He looked death in the eye daily and never blinked. And he makes in the text some statements which show us why he faced death with such confidence.

10.22.2017 Bright Hope for Tomorrow

The next event on the prophetic calendar is the rapture of the church. On a very practical level, the Apostle Paul answers some questions the early church had concerning this event; "What happens to Christians after they die? What happens to their souls and bodies? Would they miss the great reunion? When will all this happen?" The purposes of Paul's words are to comfort with truth all Christians.

10.8.2017 Bright Hope for Tomorrow

What will we do in heaven for eternity? Some scary suggestions include playing a harp while sitting on a cloud, polishing the streets of gold, or worse yet sitting forever in a boring worship service! These ideas sound more like the other place to me. But, what will we do? We can't be too specific because the Lord hasn't chosen to reveal all those details to us. However, from Revelation 22:1-5 we can get a few general ideas.

10.1.2017 Bright Hope for Tomorrow

The hope of heaven should bring joy to our hearts. With sin and its effects erased forever, heaven will have a life of unimaginable blessings. That being said, there are a myriad of questions about heaven. There is a fantastic book called "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn that may answer many of the questions you have. I have been using his book as a reference in these messages. Today we are going to try to answer the question, "Where is heaven and what's it like there?"

Revelation 21 - https://www.biblegateway.com/audio/purevoice/niv/Rev.21

Revelation 22 - https://www.biblegateway.com/audio/purevoice/niv/Rev.22