6.25.2017 - Producing Spiritual Disciples (Part 4, Chapter 23)

"As an obedient disciple of Christ, you will become a disciple maker. As a disciple maker, you will be able to train spiritual disciples as they grow into maturity. Your ultimate goal is to give them resources so they become responsible for their own growth. You want them to be able to feed themselves spiritually and to bear much fruit. The disciples' responsibility is to mature to the point that they are living holy lives, developing the nature and character of Jesus, and bearing much fruit . . . Our ultimate example of how to disciple is Jesus" (Avery T. Willis Jr., Master Life).

6.18.2017 - Establishing Spiritual Children (Part 4, Chapter 22)

My granddaughter Gracie received her "straight-out-of-kindergarten" T-shirt a few weeks ago. She had a great year and again I witnessed an ideal learning environment. ‘Mrs. G’ was a skilled teacher. Gracie had involved parents and grandparents, and Gracie was a motivated student. When a person moves straight out of spiritual death or darkness, they need a spiritual learning environment. Spiritual children need attention, nourishment, someone to help them grow and mature in Christ, and they need to have a desire to do so. A church’s task is not complete until a spiritual infant becomes a co-laborer in ministry.

5.28.2017 - The Path Of Discipleship (Part 4, Chapter 19)

Jesus was a carpenter. I'm assuming He knew how to build things. I'm also assuming He was pretty good at it! From the moment Jesus began His public ministry at age 30, He was in the business of building disciples. His last words before His ascension are recorded in Matthew 28:19-20. He calls His followers (that's us) to continue "making (building) disciples." After Jesus left, it did not take long for His followers to obediently follow His command. In Acts 2 we see the Apostles fulfilling their call to "make (build) disciples."