02.18.2018 Jesus is Better

Moses is arguably the greatest figure in Judaism other than God. He was protected at birth, raised in royalty, spoken to by God in a burning bush; he leads the Israelites out of bondage, across the Red Sea, through the wilderness and to the Promised Land. If that's not enough, he saw the Glory of God, he received the Law from God on Mt Sinai, plans for the building of the Tabernacle, writes the first 5 books of the Old Testament and when he dies, God buries him! However, the reason Hebrews was written was to show that Jesus is superior to everything and everyone...so...Jesus is superior to Moses. In our text the author gives us 3 reasons why.

02.04.2018 It's Gonna Get Better

It's not supposed to be like this! Mankind was God's crowning creation (Genesis 1:27-31). Then a tragedy struck. After Adam sinned he immediately lost his crown (Genesis 3:23-24). Satan grabbed the crown there and you saw the change in the chain of command (1 John 5:19). Mankind fell clear to the bottom. Now instead of ruling the world, man has become a slave to sin. And sin has been messing everything up since. War, floods, disease, murder, drugs, rape, disobedience, medication, pain, depression, you name it; we have been fighting it since day one! But it won't always be this way!!

01.28.2018 The Great Danger of Drifting

The author of Hebrews weaves doctrine with exhortation (warning). While chapter one speaks to the 3 groups of Jews within the church, it seems Hebrews 2:1-4 speaks primarily to the skeptics who knew the message of Jesus but had not committed themselves to it. Living in this state can be dangerous as you "drift away" from "a great salvation." Obedience must follow Theology.

01.21.2018 Christ is Superior to the Angels

As it was mentioned last week, the book of Hebrews was written to show the Jewish believers that Christ is superior to everything and everyone (vs 1-3). In verses 4-14 the author is teaching that Jesus is superior to the angels. To us this seems a given, but to the Jews, angels were held in very high esteem (Acts 7:51-52, Gal 3:19) and even worshiped (Col 2:18). The author of Hebrews uses seven Old Testament passages to prove the superiority of Christ. 

01.14.2018 The Supremacy of Christ

We are beginning a wonderful adventure through the book of Hebrews. We will look at the book expositorally, meaning for the most part, verse by verse. It may take us a while, but we will leave that to the Holly Spirit's guidance. The book was written to a persecuted and suffering Jewish community represented by 3 groups of people.

  1. Christians - To strengthen and assure
  2. Skeptics - To persuade
  3. Non-believers - To discover

Author - Unknown

Location - Somewhere near Greece

Date - Near 65 AD

Theme - The superiority of Christ to everyone and everything!


01.07.2018 That I May Know Him

What happens when you're stricken with cancer at age fourteen? Carson Leslie responded by turning to Joshua 1:9. He claimed it not as his cancer verse but as his life verse. "No matter how long I live, I want this verse on my tombstone," he wrote in Carry Me. "And when people visit my grave, I want them to read the verse and think about how it got me through my struggles in life, and I hope others will see that this verse can offer them the same kind of comfort it gives me." Carson passed away at age seventeen, but the foundation and medical ministries established in his honor have touched thousands.

Carson's story reminds us that Scripture has the power to bring us through hard times. No matter what comes, God has a verse, a promise, or a passage in the Bible to help us. His Word gives us the tools to defeat our enemies. Find a verse for yourself today, make it your "go-to" Scripture, and draw courage as you look to God's Word for strength each day (From Dr. David Jeremiah). Maybe the promises recorded in Philippians 3:7-11 will be your "go-to" verse in 2018.